Wonders of the World

Top 10 Wonders of the World

  • 10. Banaue Rice Terracesรวม 10 สิ่งมหัศจรรย์ของโลก

Banaue Rice Terraces The Philippines is a rice staircase over a thousand years old. Carved from the mountain of the child. To use as a rice growing area. In the past, farming had to be flat. This area is filled with high mountains, low plains. The amount of water and space in agriculture is a problem. With folk wisdom. How to make a step up the hill. The top of the hill. Step down to the stairs. To help increase the area of ​​cultivation. The soil is not washed away. It also solves water problems in terms of irrigation by collecting rainwater. It also helps prevent flooding. Banana rice is a high mountain over 5,000 feet of water. Each rice field has an area of ​​10,360 square kilometers. In 1985, UNESCO organized this site as a World Heritage Site.

  • 9. Sigiriya

สิ่งมหัศจรรย์ของโลก 8. Torun

Sigiriya is a huge ancient city of Sri Lanka. Created by God Gus Pine about 470, He created this city to be His holy earth. Covering an area of ​​over 1,300,000 square meters, the road has an irrigation system. And many religious places. One of them is a cave that he created to give to his disciples as a dharma. But the most amazing thing is the city center. Giant rocky rock. It is home to a palace and a fortress. And spectacular scenery around. The base of the brick fort. More than 1,500 years old and is considered one of Sri Lanka’s world heritage.

  • 7. Tower of Hercules

สิ่งมหัศจรรย์ของโลก 7. Tower of Hercules

Hercules Lighthouse It is a lighthouse and gateway to La Coruna. Northwestern Spain Created by the Romans in the 2nd century BC, residents of this settlement have established strategic positions. And soon the city became an important trading center of the sea. The Hercules Tower The lighthouse is open continuously for nearly 1,900 years, which in the same area has a sculpture garden. Stone carving And the Muslim cemetery. In the Roman empire. It is a unique representation of the ancient Greek-Roman lighthouse. The integrity of the architecture remains.

  • 6. Ajanta Caves

The cave is named as the most beautiful and oldest Buddhist temple in the world. Located in the middle of the mountain complex. On the western side of the Deccan Plateau, the excavation was made into a single rocky granite (granite), a large sanctuary. Use only chisels and hammers. In the 800 years, it began to drill from the third century BC to become a cave more than 30 caves hundreds of meters long on a high crescent shaped crescent. Inside, there is a large temple, full of stone carvings, pagodas, statues and stories. In Buddhist history and allegory Not even a cave at the time of the cave built to serve as a synagogue. Make a separate example of solitude. But later, when Buddhism degenerated. This place is beginning to lose importance, lack of care and abandoned in the end. Until the disappearance of the memory of the Indians. It was discovered again by British troops in 1819.

  • 5. Valley of Flowers


Flower Valley is a natural attraction in the Himalayas in the state of Uttaranchal in northern India. Beautiful as a heaven on earth until it was introduced in literature for centuries. And appears in Hinduism for a long time. Because there is a holy lake Heegun. Where the Brahmins prefer to bring water from the lake to religious ceremonies. They also received the attention of astronauts. Because full of plants. Flowers With abundance, it was declared a World Heritage Site. And the National Park in 1982.

  • 4. Metéora

Methia is located in central Greece. The place is popular with many tourists. The strangeness is a sacred place, built on a large rock. The former place was used as the residence of an orthodox Christian priest. Creator of the monastery on the mountain. The belief that they are closer to heaven and easier to prevent other religions as well. With its unique Byzantine art, Methio was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988.

  • 3. Bagan

Bagan, the capital of Burma It was the site of the ancient kingdom of Bagan, the first kingdom in Burma. Located in the Mandalay area, Bagan is divided into 3 parts: Old Town (Bagan Kingdom), New Town (the current residential area) and Yonge (Commercial and Economic Area). There is a airport named Yonge Airport as a city airport. The main income of the city is Arts and Cultural Tours Every year, tourists from all over the world visit here. Especially tourists from Asia. Bagan is famous for its beautiful and valuable sea-side pagodas, or the land of four thousand pagodas. In the past there were 4,446 pagodas, but today there are only 2,217.

  • 2. Leptis Magna

The city of Leipzig is located in the eastern part of Tripoli, Libya. The most famous and beautiful Romanesque in Africa. Which is still beautifully beautiful. Because the kingdom was built with limestone. It is resistant to the earthquake countless times. In addition to the beauty. Highlights are also located in the town plan, which is well placed. The streets of the buildings illustrate the growth of the Leptis Messagna during 111 BC. In the year 211 by King Septimus Severus, the kingdom began to decline in the 4th century until it was discovered again by European archaeologists. And it remains perfectly clear. UNESCO declared a World Heritage Site in 1982.

  • 1. The Library of Celsus

Cellzus Library Located in Ephesus, Turkey, Ephesus is inhabited by humans since the late Iron Age. In the 7th century BC, under the rule of Lydia. It is the most prosperous and prosperous city in the Mediterranean. And finally reached its peak again under Roman rule. It is the fifth largest city in the Roman Empire. And the largest in Asia. Sesus Library It is one of the remains of this kingdom. But now only the front of the building. The Celes Library is a two-storey building, built in 114-117 by the Diberius Julius Aquila, dedicated to the diberius Julius Juusseus. His father buried stone coffin under the library and used as a source of knowledge. Shows the greatness of the past. This library has 3 entrances at the entrance. There are four statues of the goddess, the goddess of wisdom. Goddess of virtue The goddess of cleverness. And the goddess of knowledge These carvings are replicas. Actually, Austrian archaeologists have brought back to Austria. And exhibited at the Vienna Museum.


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